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Lübke und Driller GmbH

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Lübke and Driller GmbH is a family owned company, which manufactures customized cable harnesses, wire cuts an cables.

The cable manufacturing division was setup in 1988 and has expanded to become a major supplier for many different branches today.



Approximately, 90 employees work on a production area of 7900 m2 at two sites in Arnsberg-Neheim. Wage-intensive assembly work at extended work benches is mainly carried out.



The custom production of high-quality cable harnesses, tailor-made cable and lines in accordance with international standards for fastidious customers and markets.



Our scope of processing possibilities ranges from the single stranded wire to 10 pole sheathed cables to the ribbon cable with insulation displacement connections and complex cable harnesses.

The custom manufacturing is highly automated and is performed to suit customer specifications. Due to this order-related production, we are constantly in dialogue with our customers. Due to the breadth of the supplied industries, we can rely on extensive know-how.

Use this potential for the realization of the projects which you have planned yourself.




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